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Hit the beats! Beat to God! Keep the rythm!

A rythm game in which you build the Babel tower! Hit and beat the rythm on time until your tower is built and God is reached. 

You will have to solve all four levels on your way up, and if you miss too many steps, God's Hand will be sure to remind you of His strength. 

Do your best and enjoy our AAA quality soundtracks!

A game by : 

Game and Level Design: Yannis Moulay, Marine Espinasse, Océane Kressmann

Programming: Emeline Berenguier (special thanks to Remi Cros)

Graphic DesignRomane Garcia (lead), Marine Espinasse, Océane Kressmann

Sound DesignJeremy Guarober

UX: Charlotte De Brabant

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsBabel Project, Ode, Jeremy Guarober_PARADIGME, Marine Espinasse, Yesa, Ki0c
Tags2D, babel, god, tower


BeatHim.zip 92 MB


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Fun game, with an interesting concept behind it, however, i feel it would be better if we could customize the key bindings, as i feel the standard keys are not ideal.

Hi, thanks for your feedback ! We have been adding the possibility to play with a controller for better usability, update shall be out next week. We don't plan to add the possibility to customize the key bindings though, sorry. Have a good day ! The Babel Project Team.